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Fujix Tire
Chinese Knotting Cord
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None of the materials, kits or jewelry on this site are intended for children's jewelry.

This online store was opened in January 2006. It got its start on a whim with C-Lon Bead Cord and a few kits for my students. Bonded nylon was hard to find at the time and after finding C-Lon Bead Cord, I wanted to make it available to them. As a studio artist I have worked with this type of cord since the late 70's, creating limited edition and one of a kind pieces with micro macrame and various fiber techniques.

Sharing my expertise on cord and thread, creating exciting kits, listing comprehensive product descriptions, good product photos and charts, and providing excellent service have been my main objectives along with fast processing and shipping of your orders.

Welcome and enjoy browsing through the store! - Marion

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Cord & Thread
C-Lon Bead Cord & Assorted Bonded Nylon
C-Lon Bead Cord in 4 sizes
Beading Thread
Chinese Knotting Cord
Silks: Griffin Jewe;ry Silk, Kanagawa & Fujix Tire Silk, Madeira Silk Floss
Satin Cord
Leather Cord
Ribbon and Bead Kumihimo Kit
Kumihimo Bracelet Kit
Kumihimo Bracelet Kit
Bead Cluster Kumihimo Kit
Tubular Bead Crochet Starter Jig & Tutorial Kit
Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet
Knitted Bracelet Kit
Knitted Bracelet Kit
Leather Wrap Bracelet Kits
Shambhala Bracelet Kit
Micro Macrame Jewelry Kit
Micro Macrame Jewelry Kit
Components - Adhesives - Tools
End Clasp for Kumihimo
End Clasp for Kumihimo
Gold & Silver Tone End Clasps
Euro Magnet End Clasps
Siver Buttons for Jewelry Siver Buttons for Jewelry
Gold Buttons for Jewelry
Antique Brass & Copper Buttons for Jewelry
Thread Conditioners
Kumihimo Tools

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