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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
Mini-Card Anaito Silk Sets

30 mini-cards of Kanagawa Anaito 1000 Denier 100% Silk Embroidery Thread with 8 meters on each cards nested in a small box. Anaito means buttonhole twist thread in Japanese.

This silk thread was designed originally for hand stitching for kimonos and men's suits. This high quality filament silk thread is great for needlepoint, hand stitching, quilting, beading, half-hitching, micro-macrame, Cavandoli knotting, and for making tassels.

Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk SetsMini-Card YLI Anaito Silk SetsMini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets

Perfect to test this product
and get lots of colors at a low cost!

This is a special item available until it sells out, not a regular production item. These sets were made for trade shows cancelled due to Covid, and were offered to us for purchase on a one-time basis.

30 Color Mini-Card Box Set
8 m/8.75 yd per card | 240 m/262 yd per set | Thread Ø 0.25mm | 3 ply Z Twist | Made in Japan

Check the free tutorial HERE on how to make little ornaments known as Koma or Hishikazari, tops or diamond decorations in Japanese. They symbolize good luck and best wishes. In China they are called Dragonboats, in France, Berlingots... Pre-made cardboard forms makes the process easier. They are available HERE. Although you can use any thread or yarn, the silk mini-cards are perfect for making these ornamentswith the addition of a bit of metallic thread.

Mini-Card Set | List Price $55.00 | SILK SALE $36.00 On Sale ends Monday June 12
Mini-Card Anaito Silk Sets
Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets
BK, WH, 00
5, 4, 169*
190, 93, 91
187*, 108, 107
67, 34, 104
20, 85, 151
Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets Mini-Card YLI Anaito Silk Sets
29, 115, 148
132, 133, 111
17, 18, 198
78, 19, 143*

Colors marked with a * are not available in the 20 meter cards.

Anaito Silk 30 Color Mini-Card Set in Box
Do you want more yardage on cards and get a much larger color choice? > Get 20 m cards here
Or > Compare with Anaito and Temari Silks

About colors - While every attempt was made to reproduce colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not precisely match actual thread colors. Dye lots from manufacturer may vary!

About shopping cart - Quantities are automatically set at 1 when you add items to the shopping cart. To change quantities, just change the number in the shopping cart window to quantity desired and update the cart.


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