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The items, kits or jewelry sold on this site are not intended for children's jewelry.
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Upcoming 2019 Show

Feb 22-23-24 - Stitches West 2019 - Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Parkway. Santa Clara, CA. Booth 626. Showing jewelry, DIY kits & supplies and more.

More info > Stitches West

Plus I am working on new items to bring to shows, so stay tuned! - Marion

January 8 - Pantone Color of the Year 2019 compared to C-Lon Bead Cord and More
Living Coral is definitively bright, lively, vibrant yet mellow at the same time. And yes it matches C-Lon Chinese Coral.
Pantone 2019 color of the Year

To lighten it up, add a bit of Pink Lemonade (PL) to the mix. Darken it and make it unforgettable with Poinsettia. Add a bit of Sea Shell or Peach Glow for the bright edges and you capture the coral and clown fish perfectly.

> C-Lon Bead Cord (0.5 mm)
> Tex 400 - Heavyweight (0.9 mm)

Look for Chinese Coral, Pink Coral, or Poinsettia, and Sea Shell.

> Chinese Knotting Cord
Look for Chinese Coral, Guava or Light Guava, Pink or Light Coral. Size E and New E is great for tassels.

> Kanagawa/Fujix Tire Silk
Look for Chinese Coral, Guava or Light Guava, Pink or Light Coral.

> Griffin Jewelry Silk
Look for Coral. This silk comes in two sizes and i has a matt finish.

> More Info on Post on Living Coral

Pantone 2019 color of the Year
Pantone 2019 color of the Year

January 8 - Pantone 2019 Spring & Summer Fashion 2019 compared to C-Lon Bead Cord

> Read full post for larger pictures

Shanghai Red - Fiesta is a bright festive color radiating energy.

Red - Jester Red is a deeper rich classic color.

Popsicle Orange - Turmeric brings life and joy.

Chinese Coral - Living Coral is the Pantone Color of the year. It is vibrant and full of life with a golden undertone.

Pantone 2019 color of the Year

Light Magenta - Pink Peacock is theatrical, tantalizing, and a feast for the eyes...

Olivine - Pepper Stem is a modern color that connect us with nature.

Golden Yellow - Aspen Gold brings joy, good cheer, and brighten our day. Lemon - Lemon Verbena is the London alternative color.

Pantone Color compared to C-Lon Bead Cord Colors

Princess Blue - Capri a royal blue hue.

Pantone 2019 color of the Year

Chestnut - Toffee is deliciously irresistible.

Marigold - Mango Mojito sounds so good...

Green Olive - Terrarium Moss reminds us of rich foliage and the beauty of the natural world.

Light Orchid - Sweet Lilac a charming and endearing pink. Rose - Pressed Rose is the London alternative color.

Pantone Color compared to C-Lon Bead Cord Colors

Pantone 2019 color of the Year

Pantone 2019 Spring & Summer Fashion Neutrals 2019 compared to C-Lon Bead Cord

Wheat - Soybean is a natural, versatile neutral that changes depending on the colors that surrounds it.

Navy - Eclipse is a deep blue like midnight, serious and mysterious.

Vanilla - Sweet Corn is buttery, soft and classic.

Chocolate - Brown Granite is versatile, grounded, strong, understated and timeless. It mutates depending on the colors that surrounds it.

C-Lon Sale

January 2 - C-Lon Bead Cord Sale Continued - Look for 'Special SALE!' Tags

> Micro: Look for larger spools on sale. We want to make way for the newer smaller spools!

> Fine Weight - Tex 135: Same as above with sales prices all around.

> C-Lon Bead Cord (0.5 mm) - Tex 210: Price break for full collection.

> Tex 400 - Heavyweight (0.9 mm): Price break for full collection.

Happy New Year

Wishing you a Creative New Year!

Thank you for your business, loyalty, and friendship. It has been a pleasure and we look forward to continue working with you in 2019!

From all of us at marion jewels in fiber, Marion, Nicolai, Bjorn, Patti, and Cleo, our dog


Crochet with this cord available in Metallic Copper, Gold and Silver... These bracelets are made with Miyuki Seed Beads Size 6 and Metal Shank Buttons. The cord, bead and button kits have enough materials to make 2 bracelets.
> Metallic Braided Nylon Cord or go to blog post > Crochet Bracelet Tutorial

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We now have an official store mascot!

Cleo got renamed Kumihimo Cleo Cavandoli and is the official store mascot. She is still Cleo for short. She sits on my desk chair in the online store when I am working and keeps me company. She was born March 9th 2011, a triple rescue, we adopted January 2013. She is a 10 lb. foxy doxy with a bit of chihuahua possibly. - Marion

Occasionally she sheds a few hair even though she is small and does not have lots of hair. So please forgive her if you find a few in your package. Packing tape on boxes wrapped on the floor are most affected even though we vacuum often.

Kumihimo Cleo Cavandoli

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