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D & E NYLON #18 :: a.k.a. MASTEX :: 3-PLY BONDED NYLON

In 2008 Mastex went out of business to the dismay of many designers including myself who have been using Mastex Nylon #18. Out of the ashes of Mastex, D & E Thread was born. Their nylon #18 is manufactured by the same factory that made post 2005 Mastex thread, so it is the same thread. Originally designed for hand stitching for the upholstery industry and produced by Mastex, this thread has a soft bond finish, so less bond than the other brands currently produced. It is more pliable and has a softer hand, making this thread more desirable for some applications of micro-macrame, simple or complex beading projects, bead crochet, cordmaking, kumuhimo braiding, half-hitching, Cavandoli tapestry knotting... where a softer hand is required.

Personal Note :: I have been buying and using this thread for many years. I was very upset when this thread was discontinued first in 2005, then when Mastex went out of business. This latest revival is welcome news. The D & E Nylon #18 is manufactured by the same factory that made the Mastex thread released post 2005, so it is the exact same thread on the short spools, not the tall black plastic spools as Vintage Mastex. It is very pliable, twisted a bit tighter and has less bond than any of the other nylon #18. It has an even twist and a soft hand. The color range is limited. It can be used in combination with any of the other brands: C-Lon Bead Cord, Tuff Bead Cord Size 5, Beadsmith and Conso Nylon #18. So for now it is available again, but note the inventory kept at the factory is low, so order accordingly. Ah, the topsy turvey world of thread...

165 yd - 150 m - 2 oz - Thread Ø 0.5mm - Z Twist - Soft Bond - Made in the USA - 12 spools max. for USPS Flat Rate Mail envelopes

$7.25 per spool/cone
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
Dark Grey
Slate Back in
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
Ash NEW**See Notes
Chestnut NEW DYE LOT
Chinese Rust
Sorry, out of stock
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18 D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
Leaf Back in
Pale Blue
D & E (Mastex) Nylon #18
Aqua Spray Back in

Notes: Colors are not always available so plan accordingly...
Beaver & Flax are currently not available. Chestnut and Chinese Rust are a bit darker than past dye lots.
Ash is a new color lighter than Chestnut, darker than Flax.

About colors :: While every attempt was made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not precisely match actual thread colors. Dye lots from manufacturer may vary!

About shopping cart :: Quantities are automatically set at 1 when you add items to the shopping cart. To change quantities, just change the number in the shopping cart window to quantity desired and update the cart.

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